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PDHs 2011/ sixes and sevens …..&9s


PDHs 2011 / sixes and sevens

Today’s professional development class was at eight
But I arrived like I always do at such things- at sixes and sevens
From the first day of first grade
in 1970
To 2011
I think I will change

I will go to the right place
I will make a friend
I will be at ease

When we got out at five
I was still at sixes and sevens


Manic windows


I want my windows to the floor
Framed by heavy velvet drapes
With the longest golden chord
I’d pull it down and face the day just like royalty
And not one bit of dust to rise in the bright sunlight
And not one moonbeam to penetrate and keep me up all night

I want my windows to the floor
My house upon an ocean bluff
So I could taste the sweet salt air
Or just step out and fall when I have had enough

Reading the skull sky


Around 5:30am a plane takes off inside my head
It is just up there in my skull sky.
I view it as if it is just hanging there but I know that it is making its way across the day.

At 9am a man calls.
He calls me by my first name even though he doesn’t know me
The plane dives down
He says things that sound like I should know him.
The plane makes an arc and returns to its previous elevation
He begins to sound as if I owe him something.
The plane drops down into a curvy
After these “pleasantries” he begins to fish around the something for nothing pond.
The plane does a series of quick maneuvers.
Before the    R   is complete I have given him a price that would make Solomon wince.

The phone makes that sweet dial tone sound and the plane continues on straight ahead across the skull sky.

after september

after september
the dogs begin bringing up deer parts
legs first
assorted bones and heads later
some of the heads have sawed off horns
some of the heads go home with the hunters
they fill them with glass eyes and hang them up on the wall
while I rake up the bones
and stare down into empty sockets

Legend of the frogwomen


A wave washes over a frogman
Rolling to a stop on white sand
His face mask is teeming with fish eyes
He rises up and walks to the center of town
He crawls inside a cannon
A war relic
He begins to croak
Thousands of frogmen march out of the ocean
Towards the center of town
They all crawl into the cannon
The mayor asks them to leave
They demand to be escorted away by frogwomen
That is when they learn they are dated
That they are antiquated
That they must be bachelor’s forever
The mayor feels sorry for them
He makes up a lie
A legend about frogwomen
Swimming down from the stars
Sometime vaguely estimated to be about
ten years after ,by his best estimation,  his own death
The frogmen file back into the ocean
Later in the evening the mermaids find out about it
They laugh them to scorn

Song of the captain


The reader is asked to imagine the captain of the ship in” Jaws “singing this song

The tear in the bull’s eye
The tear in the newt’s eye
The pus in the eye of the tiger

I won’t drink a cup full
I won’t drink a cup full
I shan’t have a bowl full nythar

Hands frame a face


Hands frame a face

I keep a mime mask folded up in
the little inside pocket of my coat
For the hard questions and the break points

When the weather turns hot
I just leave it on