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PDHs 2011/ sixes and sevens …..&9s


PDHs 2011 / sixes and sevens

Today’s professional development class was at eight
But I arrived like I always do at such things- at sixes and sevens
From the first day of first grade
in 1970
To 2011
I think I will change

I will go to the right place
I will make a friend
I will be at ease

When we got out at five
I was still at sixes and sevens


Somewhere in a warm nest


A window pops out of the sky
Wings beat and bleed
In a flurry of liberated down

Dry specks of blood crack and fall
Floating down like feathers
Inside Winter’s slow motion

Somewhere in a warm nest
A tiny bird dreams of the day
The time
The sky closed up without warning
She flaps her wings involuntarily
Her mate covers her head with his neck
They close their little black eyes
in  synchronicity




Later when the melody has sunk in

And the water has turned over

After the shadows of fish have bounced out of the pond

To hide amongst the pines

When the steam of tea rises

and the darkness comes up from the ground

and walks around us like a lion


after that

Fullness of the moon


I can’t sleep when the moon is full
I feel the ocean’s mighty pull

I grasp at things that might not stay
Things the moon might pull away

I keep watch to feel and see
If this is the death of gravity

I feel plates move within the earth
And push down hard for all I’m worth

I’m thankful when the sky turns red
Now I know gravity’s not dead

The sun rises up without a sound
And pushes everything back down

I can’t sleep when the sky is bright
But somehow I think I might

Manic windows


I want my windows to the floor
Framed by heavy velvet drapes
With the longest golden chord
I’d pull it down and face the day just like royalty
And not one bit of dust to rise in the bright sunlight
And not one moonbeam to penetrate and keep me up all night

I want my windows to the floor
My house upon an ocean bluff
So I could taste the sweet salt air
Or just step out and fall when I have had enough

The lipstick letter


Fold up a lipstick letter
Take it to the sea
Let it melt into the ocean
Softly sinking down

Spend a lifetime
Combing beaches
Walking in  the rising tide
And stumbling through the sound

who needs a heartbeat


james woke up on page 3

some strange comic

he took a shine to losing a dimension and

there were hints of a love interest somewhere maybe another episode or 2


he looked good in yellow

who needs a heartbeat?