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my canary and my effigy

my canary


do my bidding

shake hands for me

travel and bargain

traverse and plea

let me stay in sanctuary

please enter the coal mine

my sweet little canary



as a compliment

I will add this old one

(slightly edited):


my effigy


Most days the real me stays home

I send my effigy out into the world

I stay in safety and dream

He comes back in shreds

Often he is angry and demands patches and glue

The next day he makes me go out there

I don’t really know what he did so I get mixed up

People look at me funny and sometimes I think they are on to me

and my scarecrow

He’ll be back tomorrow to straighten out my mess

He will come home whistling “killing me softly “

I never tell him thank you or sorry

I am not so vain as to like him



About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. I think we must like the effigy-part of ourselves, or learn to like. That part of self has saved each of us over and over. Learn to like, love and let it retire. Maybe.

    I am grateful for your poetry.

  2. We got a two-fer today . . .how wonderful. And they were both so poignant and real to me.
    “he comes back in shreds”. . .I like staying home, but keep a lot of glue on hand when I can’t. God bless you!

  3. 12/24/11 ~ a note to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May each day be filled with Joy, Love & Light. Namaste, RK 🙂

  4. Both are wonderful. Happy holidays and happy new year 🙂

  5. Happy New Year wishes to you, wath! i have missed your other-worldly, very in-the-moment poetry and can’t wait to catch up. I caught a glimpse of your effigy sent out and ripped to shreds by the world. Sometimes we get ripped to shreds at home, too, i.e. when we read the paper or turn on the T.V. news. At least that’s what it feels like. Still, an effigy would be very useful. No wonder you can’t say thank-you!

  6. So, Deb and I are wondering where are Hero is? Missing him dearly, and wishing for his swift return (pretty please with white chocolate on it, even?) Willing to send out posse, troops or mounties–or I can be on next stage from Tombstone (leaving pistol behind).

  7. Yes, wondering where he is…
    will email if no reply in a few days.

  8. Ahhh, these are both super! Enjoyed reading them…I have a things for ghosts.

  9. Where is a hero?

  10. hey there!
    Can you get in touch with me as soon as you log on?
    I’d like to have your poem ‘Ghosts in the Steam of soup’ for a new site!

    Let me know as soon as you can, thanks.
    P.S. hope all is OK where you are!

  11. Read Maria Popova’s article “The Private Person and The Public Persona: Borges on the Divided Self” this morning and immediately thought of “my effigy”


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