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I am growing oyster mushrooms!!




No Caddo these are not psilocybins but feel free to say things like
” well that explains a lot ” 🙂


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  1. Wow, I wouldn’t have thought of going there…exactly when will I be up for parole/probation?

    • Never to speak of again.
      I thought it too tempting to resist.

      Lots of confusion about mushrooms.
      There were some growing at moms and I got her and my brother to eat some the first time the other day. Mom said,”I guess we’ll all go down together”.

  2. Okay, now I’ve had to google again, this time about psilocybins. haha! You are widening my knowledge. (and it needs it!)
    So, I’ll say it for Caddo. . .she’s too sweet and thinking of something scrumptious to make out of them.
    well, that explains alot of the poems you write! 😉
    And, every once in awhile I see an ad for a kit to grow morrel mushrooms. But I’m just thinking it might now be for real. But these are beauties! Cool hero!

    • These are easier to grow than Morels. I have never eaten Morels
      but I know they are supposed to be the best.

      When I was in high school there was a lot of “shroomin’ ” going on.
      Around here its the first thing anyone thinks of about mushrooms.


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