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PDHs 2011/ sixes and sevens …..&9s


PDHs 2011 / sixes and sevens

Today’s professional development class was at eight
But I arrived like I always do at such things- at sixes and sevens
From the first day of first grade
in 1970
To 2011
I think I will change

I will go to the right place
I will make a friend
I will be at ease

When we got out at five
I was still at sixes and sevens


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  1. Us mole people are time dysfunctional. So . . .I really liked this. Praying for you to ease into fours and fives and eights and nines. Thank you, hero!

    • It was a very bad day.
      Killer traffic, big city and then serious confusion.
      I really did almost leave before it started.
      If it was Walmart I would have hit the door but I paid a lot of money for it and I am running out if time for my hours.
      I am confident that today will be better. Lord willing, I ain’t leavin’ the mole hole. 🙂

  2. Wow, hero–I knew I was older than you, I just didn’t know I was ancient (But I refuse to be bummed). Have an excellent day, whatever the numbers. Glad your daughter is home for break–that should be fun–her post was incredible!!

    • She was only home a little bit.
      Now she is gone to a friends wedding for several days. Then she returns briefly to prepare for her trip to Jordan .

      Are you familiar with the term
      “At sixes and sevens” ?

      • I wasn’t, hero, but I looked it up and understand better now. Not a comfortable place to be in. . .

      • Yes, I know “sixes and sevens”–though if this is a quiz, I probably won’t be able to write the definition out correctly. Wow, your daughter’s going to Jordan? (As in the Jordan far away, out of the country?) I did the math–I’m old enough to be your mama. Good grief, Charlie Brown–aarrgghh!!!
        Yes Amman Jordan 😦
        Her grandparents are sending her with her uncle to visit another uncles family there.
        She will get to see Jerusalem and Petra and some other neat places.
        I just got used to her being home these last few days and then she left for the wedding and
        It is a great oppurtunity though and it is nice for Mrs Heros folks to foot the bill.
        I have to borrow money to cross the street 🙂

    • At the seminar there were some rude boys in the back laughing too loud and dipping snuff.
      It was quite sometime before I realized that I was them some time ago and I felt a bit old.
      ( does that help) 🙂

  3. Debbie and Caddo

    no quiz 🙂
    I only recently became aware of the term through Linda Ronstadts version of
    “Tumblin Dice”.
    Mrs Hero knew it from this:

    Yet If His Majesty Our Sovereign Lord

    Yet if his majesty our sovereign lord
    Should of his own accord
    Friendly himself invite,
    And say “I’ll be your guest to-morrow night.”
    How should we stir ourselves, call and command
    All hands to work! “Let no man idle stand.
    Set me fine Spanish tables in the hall,
    See they be fitted all;
    Let there be room to eat,
    And order taken that there want no meat.
    See every sconce and candlestick made bright,
    That without tapers they may give a light.
    Look to the presence: are the carpets spread,
    The dazie o’er the head,
    The cushions in the chairs,
    And all the candles lighted on the stairs?
    Perfume the chambers, and in any case
    Let each man give attendance in his place.”
    Thus if the king were coming would we do,
    And ’twere good reason too;
    For ’tis a duteous thing
    To show all honour to an earthly king,
    And after all our travail and our cost,
    So he be pleas’d, to think no labour lost.
    But at the coming of the King of Heaven
    All’s set at six and seven:
    We wallow in our sin,
    Christ cannot find a chamber in the inn.
    We entertain him always like a stranger,
    And as at first still lodge him in the manger.

    Thomas Ford *

    I thought you might like this poem.

    *disclaimer :
    Mrs Hero maintains that the true author is unknown

  4. Yes–abundant prayers for all!


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