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Later when the melody has sunk in

And the water has turned over

After the shadows of fish have bounced out of the pond

To hide amongst the pines

When the steam of tea rises

and the darkness comes up from the ground

and walks around us like a lion


after that


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  1. Patience . . .yes! This reminds me of praying for patience and then getting more opportunities that require patience. Still practicing and learning . . .Thanks hero!

    • I need some extra but it sounds like I better not pray for it . haha
      I read that thing about praying for patience, etc.. today.
      I use up a great deal of mine on a friend who works with me some.
      He lives right there on the edge of losing everything everyday but I do see blessings in it 🙂
      Thanks Debbie !

  2. Well–I had left a very nice, complimentary comment–really, seriously. And it’s not here–what does that mean?

    • In my other blog life I wrote long thoughtful comments and they often vanished. I found that the same thing happened to others.
      maybe it is better this way.
      I can return to this comment for ages and dream about the wonderful things you might have said and you … get to practice on your patience 🙂

      That is such a bummer. I wish I knew why it happens.

      • Oh, Hero–you Caution, you!! You made me laugh, & that’s always a good deal. Here’s the thing, like it or not I WILL be practicing on my patience. (I was just bugged because I’d finally figured out how to do the like button–& then the comment thing went kabloo-ey–life is such a challenge, wha wha whahhhh!)

        And because you surely know me by now, I’m not gonna leave you to dream about what I said that disappeared in the ozone. To the best of my recollect:

        “Wow, wow and wow. This is too beautiful and poignant–makes me almost weep as I wonder the where, why and who of it. To go on about my cooking now, would be irreverent.
        But now that the “reverent” moment has passed–I’ve committed myself to yet one more cake to be delivered to my folks at Safeway (Flavia-mode). They think I’m a tad crazy but in a good way…I think…hey, who doesn’t like treats at the holidays??

        Speaking of patience, Oliver was up here yesterday reminding me about that–and I nearly spilled the minestrone soup in his lap (neither of us was sure if it was an almost accident or not…). Then he came up again later to help me install a “paint” program–because I’d told him I was so enthralled & envious of your “finger painting” art. While he takes great joy in my excitement, he gently said that it was going to take practice for me to be able to do anything remotely recognizable–especially since my only artistic talent is in painting words. And I don’t exactly have any free time….

        Speaking of which, if I don’t quit chatting, I’ll never get today’s “to-do” list “to-done”.

        I may also have wanted to thank you for always attempting to reassure me–but that could have been another comment/another day.

        God bless you today, brother.

  3. It feels almost like a lifetime since reading your patience post. Sometimes it feels like it takes me a lifetime to process ideas and notions and all the gifts that stream around and thru and to us.

    This post touched a deep place in me. As Caddo Veil put it so tenderly, I have a when and who and why around this topic in my life. I don’t willingly go there; there are still many regrets and self-recriminations attached to it for me. It thus tags along with me. I am an only child – I imagine this tagging to be like a little sister or brother who’s more afraid than I – or maybe just wants to be with me, imagine that. In those moments, it’s like we’re orphans.

    I’ve recommitted to my morning pages (thank you Julia Cameron). It’s been a long time away. What gifts, though. The God of my understanding, I re-discover today is infinitely patient, and in this patience there is unconditional love and acceptance.

    I grow closer to the willingness to look at the when and who and why of the patience story in my life.

    Thank you for being part of that for me.

    Les aka RunawayKeyboard

  4. Waiting for evening to come. I like this.


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