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Closer to home a dead opossum was all the night had to offer
That and a cloudy moon
nearly full and sure to brim over into
our REMs and leave us hanging by prehensile tails
Over a moving road
A stationary journey into tomorrow
Weย  play dead and hope for the best


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  1. I think I’ve been there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks hero!

  2. I could have sworn I left a comment on this one–maybe not–anyway, it’s good. I hope for the best & I do my best–and miss the mark…

    • whenever i give Weyland something he says
      “you cant do any better than that” ๐Ÿ™‚

      you cant do any better than your best so it is all good on your part then.
      sorry things maybe aint that peachy and maybe a little too fishy right now

      • I gave “Tiny Tim” one tub of cioppino–if he doesn’t detest it, he’ll inherit the other 2. Usually “Oliver” will eat anything, but he could only be polite through half a bowl. I think I’ll quit on the seafood/fish deals–expensive failures. Today I’ll do the old standby, minestrone–‘course, where I’ll put the surplus, I’ve no clue.

        Since you picked up on my “less than peachy-ness”, I’m still a little banged up from my recent “felony” here–I take it very seriously, and hard, when I make a mistake & hurt/offend someone.

        Oliver always says he resists getting mad at me because he knows I’ll beat myself up more than sufficiently. Cute story from the “real neighbors”: a year or more ago I’d done something stupid, and he called a couple hours later to say, “okay, you can stop beating yourself up now”. We laughed, and I got over myself….

        But my recent stats show a discouraging trend–in the past 4 months I’ve managed to get on 4 people’s wrong sides. Not good. Twice I’ve been tempted to fold up my tent & high-tail it back to Egypt. But Oliver said: “Caddo, Step Away from the Delete Key!” It would be one thing if I was intentionally mean-spirited, but I’ve got that “good heart thing”–so the Accuser manages to twist me up….this is turning into way more than you wanted to hear about, surely. I’ll go cook something–

      • Please don’t delete!
        I am sorry you feel like you committed a felony. It wasn’t even a misdemeanor, just hit a nerve that’s all. You were just being honest really and….. you know what who cares it was nothing so- forget it . I mean it.
        You are my friend- Period.

  3. Okay, I’ll forget it–but I did realize (much later) that I’d hit a nerve & felt horrible because I didn’t mean to…and I also know about living in the world of “raised eyebrows–& ‘you’re weird’ condemnation/ostracism”–So that made it into a “felony”, from my perspective. The problem with witty riposte & repartee in the comment boxes, is that we don’t really really know each other, can’t see the facial expressions or hear the tone–so who knows who’s the monster, or prince/princess?

    I can hear you telling me to shut up now–& I will.

    The minestrone turned out predictably well, though I was nervous for a “Flavia” minute. Oliver’s coming up tomorrow–he said it’ll be better then anyway…Fine! I have enough to feed the entire county–seriously, 2 very large vats (pots, cauldrons…).

    Okay, I’m really hanging up now–think I’ll have some mincemeat pie, & think about getting to bed at a “reasonable” hour. (I have to deliver fudge to my fans at Safeway in the morning–)

    Sleep well–God bless–thanks for not putting me in jail, & reassuring me, amigo!


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