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The lipstick letter


Fold up a lipstick letter
Take it to the sea
Let it melt into the ocean
Softly sinking down

Spend a lifetime
Combing beaches
Walking in  the rising tide
And stumbling through the sound


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  1. I really, really, really love this one!! The image of the lipstick letter sinking down into the ocean – and the wistful last 4 lines combing the beaches – excellent poem!

  2. Oh, this is SO great–you know how I love romance. I echo Betty’s sentiments (we’re “sisters of the sea”). Happy Anniversary to you & Mrs Hero–24 yrs, wow–can’t even imagine what that’s like–more good days than not, I hope. Commitment seems to be a rare virtue now–priceless gold coins (even though you’re a year away from “silver”). I do ramble…

  3. Happy almost anniversary! May it be a red letter kind of day, with lipstick kisses from Mrs. Hero! 🙂 You make me smile . . .and want to walk the beach.

  4. Have you seen ‘Flip Flotsam?’


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