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my pop the prop

My pop the prop


When I was a little boy

We would walk to church sometimes

He would break a forked stick

And hold it up in front to keep the cobwebs off

I imagined he was some type of priest

And the cobwebs some kind of sacred smoke

How fortunate to follow


When I was in high school

There was stuff goin’ on

He knew all about it

Not the details

But he knew

And he wrote my paper for me

About Lord Byron

He was happy to do it

 he got an A


When I was in college

There was stuff goin’ on

He knew all about it

Not the details

But he knew

And he said today we are goin’ fishin’

I heard you sneeze earlier

Call in sick

That day was a great gift

From my daddy

Because he knew


How fortunate to follow





from the old blog

i miss my prop


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. That was a lovely poem and a tribute to your father.
    Sometimes we need them more than you thought we ever did.

  2. I think we could have always been better children, but who knew? 🙂 Your father sounds wonderful. And what a great poem for him.

  3. The world needs father love. Desperately. We all could have been better sons and daughters. This is my mantra lately: if we knew better we would do better. One of the missing elements is leading by example. How wonderful your father was one of the one’s who did.

  4. I’m crying. Thanks for this beautiful piece. Prayers as you miss him.

  5. Such a wonderful poem – my belated condolences (and it’s never too late). I miss my dad too… they have a very special kind of understanding…

  6. Oh, this is beyond great–I hear the poignant voice, the missing of a wonderful father. I’m happy for you, a tad envious. I imagine he taught you how to be a wonderful father, as well. I offer my condolences too. And I so agree with Leslie Holt–the world is full of father-hunger. Certainly that has shaped my earliest work, if not all of it.

    • I really did not have a clue how good I had it.
      Not a clue.
      I believe that through work in the church and helping me in my work that my kids really do have a clue.
      They also think I am crazy.
      Who can blame them. 🙂

  7. Nice piece my friend – sounds like when I looked after Pat’s kids.

    They are now grown, but are my greatest friends…

    God Bless!


    • That is priceless stuff man.
      My friend used to take his nephew fishing and stuff.
      These days that nephew is stinking rich and takes my friend on ocean fishing trips, cruises etc….

      Of course the pay back of their friendship is better than those things though.


  8. This is nostalgic & sweet.


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