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1 bell for a penny 2 bells for a dime 3 bells for free



From the fields

They rang a bell for lunch
They rang a bell for supper
They rang a bell when there was trouble

Once Aunt Inez rang the bell so grandaddy could come see her new dress
Badly done
Badly done Inez
But granddaddy was no Mr Knightly


Morning of the bell

In a dream of gray
I fall out of a cloud
As a rough sketch
Balling myself up
side to side
Ringing out through the watery air of some morning where I belong


Public work

I drove away
In a big yellow truck
Was I driving the sun?
This bright afternoon
That followed me
Like a reptile
sitting in the sun
Smoking cigarettes
Listening to church bells


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  1. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  2. Three for free? We are blessed . . .and I loved them all. Giggled at “badly done, Inez”. 🙂

  3. Okay, so I was kinda jazzed that we both seemed to be on the same page: bells–but then as I read on, I thought, well not exactly. But that’s fine–you know me, it’s not criticism. I agree with Debbie–I like the “badly done, Inez” too. Sometimes I wonder what cigars (?) you’re smokin’–or maybe what you eat before going to bed–there must be some “rhyme” to your peculiar (as in distinctly individual) reason, thus art, in thought-words. And maybe it’s a mystery to be spoiled by revelation– It must be good, I keep coming back! God bless you.

    • i had not seen your lovely bell acrostic when i did this.
      i have spent a lifetime in the shadows of raised eyebrows and the cold winds of “your weird” .
      dont look for reason and it will all work out .
      i will give you only one get out of jail free pass for drug using insinuations :).

      i am very happy that you come back.
      later today i plan to visit with David ,drink diet pepsi and add a picture of the bell Inez rang out on that fateful day 70+ years ago (David inherited grandaddys place)

  4. Very nice group of poems; I especially like “morning of the Bell” & the imagery of the afternoon as a reptile in the sun , in “Public Works”.


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