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Dream of the cowhorn




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  1. More hero art displayed! 🙂 I can draw a smiley face. That’s it!

    • Don’t know how I got on cowhorns but it was therapeutic.
      I don’t think I could draw a proper Smiley face but I think I need to try to draw. It really is relaxing and I can get lost in it.

  2. What?! Have you gone western on me, Hero? Love it, of course–really beautiful.

    Hey, I don’t want you to get confused–I’ve “redecorated” at my place, got rid of the Pepto Bismol pink. You’re invited to come on over–I baked pumpkin bread, tempt tempt….

    • Cow horns are cool.
      Looked at a lot if Georgia O’Keefe paintings online today.
      I love them.

      I didn’t mind the pink but I think it
      Looks good over there now too and the bread smells delicious 🙂

      • Yes, Georgia O’Keefe, that’s it! Very nice.

        Glad you like my new look–when I asked Oliver if it was “too girly”, he said, “you’re talking to someone who is routinely mistaken for gay”. I was referring to the color–not quite lavender–he said anything would beat the suffocating pink.

        Okay, lights out–(I gave away 2 loaves–3 left)

        Oliver’s comment is cracking me up

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