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Reading the skull sky


Around 5:30am a plane takes off inside my head
It is just up there in my skull sky.
I view it as if it is just hanging there but I know that it is making its way across the day.

At 9am a man calls.
He calls me by my first name even though he doesn’t know me
The plane dives down
He says things that sound like I should know him.
The plane makes an arc and returns to its previous elevation
He begins to sound as if I owe him something.
The plane drops down into a curvy
After these “pleasantries” he begins to fish around the something for nothing pond.
The plane does a series of quick maneuvers.
Before the    R   is complete I have given him a price that would make Solomon wince.

The phone makes that sweet dial tone sound and the plane continues on straight ahead across the skull sky.

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I am sooo sick of spec phonecalls! 😦

    I had one today looking for somebody I’ve never heard of before who wouldn’t accept I wasn’t the person they were looking for – it’s either that or some guy in India trying to sell me bogus lotteries…

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!


  2. Oh, this is amazingly good, Hero! I love the way you told the anecdote, and I love the art–and by now you know I’m somewhat biased. But also honest! It amused me, & that’s a very good thing.

  3. I am smiling! I have to call someone back and kindly tell them that my plane needs to keep heading straight ahead across skull sky and not dipping into my meager savings to get the windows they want so badly for me to buy.


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