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after september

after september
the dogs begin bringing up deer parts
legs first
assorted bones and heads later
some of the heads have sawed off horns
some of the heads go home with the hunters
they fill them with glass eyes and hang them up on the wall
while I rake up the bones
and stare down into empty sockets


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  1. I used to hunt and I may do it again.
    Many hunters tell me it is just a few that give them a bad name.
    The few must all come to my little dead end road then.

    now i have switched up from glass eyes to “heart of glass” – blondie
    I will sing it all day long.

  2. Too strange. Last night I was just thinking about typesetting and the many moments spent deciding on justification … right or left or centred … it’s like another life that I see myself playing out, once again shocked by the fact that any of it mattered.

    My heart sinks at the thought of hunting; more fodder toward my final push into vegetarian or veganism, perhaps. On the other hand, my brief experience with target practice was something I remember enjoying; despite my poor eyesight, I was a decent markswoman.

    Is that like frogwoman?

    • Frogwoman is here!!

      I always ate the deer.

      I could give up beef easily.
      Pork maybe.
      Chicken yeah.
      Fish never.
      Eggs never.

      I think you should take a handful of words and just throw them up to see where they land sometime

  3. What a dreadful waste…

    God Bless!


  4. I’m thankful you didn’t do a picture with this one. πŸ™‚ My hubby hunted and I know others do too, and the meat helps them. In Alaska, it’s moose and families can get put on lists for when moose get hit and killed on the roads, so that it doesn’t go to waste with so many hungry and needy. At the same time, I love to see the deer. In the winter, in the wee hours of the morning, we can sometimes look out and see them in our neighborhood, nibbling on the bushes. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, Hero–I got kind of gag-gy at first. But I could so picture you staring into the empty eye sockets, somehow.

    Okay, “Blondie”–is that Debbie Harry? But I don’t know if I’m familiar with the song. We should run a pop music contest. Back when I was a slave, and would spend a day ironing for 9–while watching my youngest sib–we’d take turns humming a song, or theme to a TV show, & the other person had to guess it. He was pretty good, for six or seven years old…(You can file this is your “Caddo’s back-story file”!)

    • There is always a big collection of bones by mid January.

      Yeah you got that right. I love that song.
      Ironing for 9 wow!
      I will save all that in the back-story file and I wouldnt mind
      reading it in something called……….
      Flavia’s flashbacks ha ha

      sorry for making you gag-gy


      • No need to be sorry–I have a hyper-sensitive gag reflex, quite annoying–it happens even when I brush my teeth…

        Flavia’s Flashbacks–thanks for the idea for an episode–you’re so clever to use the alliterative “F”!

  6. We live out in the country and you have penned so well what our eyes and our hearts see.
    I only like to shoot with a camera!

  7. lol, this occurs on my daily walk with my dogs. You said it very well. My heart breaks when I retrieve the small legs or bones of the fawns I’ve seen all summer.

    • The hunters might waste but my dogs even eat the hooves!
      Sorry if that is too gross.
      Thanks for coming by!

      • It’s not the hunters but the coyotes. Where I live and walk the dogs, hunting is not allowed. This spring the coyotes had a very large litter and while I love having the deer in my back yard, the coyotes have to eat. They’ve been very successful and have thinned the deer considerably. Ah, nature. My dogs, too, try to eat any leftovers they can find!

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