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Legend of the frogwomen


A wave washes over a frogman
Rolling to a stop on white sand
His face mask is teeming with fish eyes
He rises up and walks to the center of town
He crawls inside a cannon
A war relic
He begins to croak
Thousands of frogmen march out of the ocean
Towards the center of town
They all crawl into the cannon
The mayor asks them to leave
They demand to be escorted away by frogwomen
That is when they learn they are dated
That they are antiquated
That they must be bachelor’s forever
The mayor feels sorry for them
He makes up a lie
A legend about frogwomen
Swimming down from the stars
Sometime vaguely estimated to be about
ten years after ,by his best estimation,Ā  his own death
The frogmen file back into the ocean
Later in the evening the mermaids find out about it
They laugh them to scorn


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  1. I just love this. You do so many great poems about the sky and the waters . . .I’m sure there’s a book in these! Thank you, great poet hero!

    • You know a merMAID is about the best a frogMAN could hope for.
      I have never heard of mermen or frogwomen šŸ™‚

      You are very kind and it makes my day to share some silliness with you.

      Thanks Debbie!!

  2. Frogmen and Frogwomen – never heard that one before, but at least they didn’t fire the cannon!!! LoL!!!

    God Bless!


  3. You are a great storyteller, Hero–I read this, captivated, and felt like I was in first grade again (when life and learning were relatively easy and fun).

    I haven’t gotten the Winny the Pooh books yet, but I suspect I’m having an Eore day/week (did I spell his name right? my childhood was without those characters, so I’m a bit disadvantaged)–

    Could definitely use some prayer (and sleep and sensible eating habits).

    God bless you big-time!

    • I am glad for you to like the frogwoman story.
      But I dont want to go back to 1st grade – my teacher was Mean.
      Kindergarten was a hoot but it was downhill after that.

      I have had mostly an Eore life but without much excuse for it.
      I am sorry your having a bad day (dont commit to week yet šŸ™‚ )

      I am praying for you sister!
      The eat and sleep ball is in your court though.
      This past weekend I ate too much.
      Fruits and veggies only today though.

      God bless you too!!

      • Well, Hero, you see–I was denied Kindgergarten (it’s a very handy excuse for my many relationship difficulties, and assorted other flaws and failings…)–And after the “high” of first grade, I plummeted down a cliff. So you should have been in my first-grade class, and I definitely would have benefited by your Kindergarten!

        Thanks for the reminder “not to commit to the whole week”–although I didn’t get this till today–And today IS a vast improvement over yesterday, thank you for your prayers (PTL!!)

        But–what’s this? A mini lecture about eating & sleeping being up to me?? I already know that, Bro. I’ve become a bit addicted to my blog life–and God & I are in discussions about my priorities….yikes.

        So, back to something you said about yourself–the “Eore life”–do you think it’s part of your DNA, hard-wiring, or what? You’ll probably opt not to answer–but I’m honestly curious about that whole deal. I had both the “nature & nurture” for depression–and have recently learned how to work hard to make the choice to be happy. (Doesn’t work every day–but most of the time–because I really try to focus on “gratitude”)

        Since “Frank” is not doing the dishes again, I guess I’d better quit chatting….Bless you, brother!

      • Yes you would have loved my kindergarten and I would gladly have traded Mrs Moore (1grade) for just about any teacher.

        I will let you and God handle your priorities from now on.
        Oh I did end up lying to you yesterday. Some of my fruits and vegetables included CARROTcake and PEACHcobbler.
        That bit of info is presented as a sacrifice on the altar of unintended mini lectures šŸ™‚

        Definitely in my DNA maternal and paternal. That’s all I will say out here in the open.
        But I have had most every advantage in life and much to be grateful for.


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