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Hands frame a face


Hands frame a face

I keep a mime mask folded up in
the little inside pocket of my coat
For the hard questions and the break points

When the weather turns hot
I just leave it on


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  1. We all wear masks my friend – the trick is to see what’s REALLY behind it before it comes out to get you!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  2. Wow, Hero–makes me wonder (already, again) if my questions here are too intrusive. Great little poem, of course. I like Prenin’s comment–definitely true.

    Hope you are well today–working? God bless you, as always.

    • Sorry I couldn’t work the Like button again–I’m useless when I’m cooking & trying to visit with my posse…

      • Okay, apparently I need to be logged in over at my place, THEN poke your Like button. I’ve got it straight Now–though maybe I could just type LIKE in the comment box, because you probably aren’t wedded to your stats page….

        But you told me not to “exert” myself, so I’ll stop the fretting right this minute.

    • oh no
      you may ask anything you like
      i will shoot you straight or decline to answer

      I keep my mask handy for face to face things 🙂

      • That’s a good policy. Much as I might like to, chances are slim I’ll make it over for a face to face visit. (I imagine you sighing relief!)

        By the by, I asked “Oliver” about the finger-painting on phone deal–he says you have a much better phone than he does.

      • You can do all kinds of cool art on an iPhone like Leslie and Summer have. I have a Droid phone and I do most of the blogging from it.
        I was at the phone store with my son and he explained to me about the phone (remember I don’t watch TV) and so I ended up with a new phone which is now my :
        Hp 48 calculator (simulated )
        Video camera
        Personalized radio station(Pandora one)
        GPS navigator

        I love this thing!!!!!

        Thanks for letting me rattle on 🙂

  3. You know, really, Prenin could not have said it better!


  4. I have phone envy, but will try to quickly mask it. 😉 Honestly, I don’t know how to work the little phone I have! haha! Hopeless. But that is way cool what all you can do. Can you read blogs and comment on them too with it?

    • Yes.
      It can do almost everything on the internet excepting the two things I really need it to : tax and deed record searches 😦
      However it can also serve as a modem so I can hook it up to a PC and have internet.
      Of course none of that would have ever happened without my son’s help. He is a blessing unto me. 🙂

  5. Wow, quite the phone, I’d say. Maybe I could get one to replace “Frank”–a phone that would do housework, etc, you think? “Oliver’s” phone has a camera in it, mine says it has the Web–but both of just make & receive calls. I only got it because he told me I might need it for emergencies–but since I usually leave it in the house, I’m not sure I’ll have it with me for an emergency….

    • It might come up that you need it one day.

      My brother just got his first cell phone a few days ago .
      I think he is 62 .
      I am pressing him to get internet. He already has access to a computer(mine) that I leave at his/mom’s house. He is scared of the computer but now that he has time on his hands (just retired ) I think I can talk him into it.

      I wouldnt trade Frank in just yet 🙂


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