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Face of a millionaire




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  1. How I wish I could sketch like that

    • You are too kind.
      If you saw the face I was trying to sketch you might have a different comment but I thank you just the same. 🙂

      • The world brims over with synchronicities. In preparing for an upcoming move, I took down a piece of artwork from a wall and reflected how this was a little sketch by one of my children some years ago that I fished out of the garbage. I’m becoming convinced that art, like poetry, continues to live by those who conceive, midwife, raise, love and cherish it.

      • Yes! -About art that is
        I hope that the move is a good thing for you.
        I have only lived in 5 places my whole life. All of them in a 50 mile radius of where I was born.
        I have no plans to leave my current abode ,alive anyway.

        I know moving can be stressful and it seems that adding holidays to it could multiply that.
        I hope and pray the best for you.

      • Thank you Where. I said I was never moving again in 1999. I thought of what I vowed when I moved from there ten years later, marking the longest stretch I’ve ever lived in one place.

        While I reflect on those who have roots, I wonder if that’s one of the lessons I’m here to learn this time ’round. If so, I’d better hurry up and stay put somewhere.

        ~ Runaway-looking-for-a-home-Keyboard

      • I have lived where I am now the longest.
        My mom made it simple for me.
        She gave me the land but I promised not to sell it.
        So poor=®oots 🙂
        I don’t want to move anyway.

  2. Hero . . .you drew this? It’s great! I wish I could draw . . .but I can’t! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You’re lookin’ GOOD, Hero! And you’re over the hump–the weekend’s in sight!

    • Ha ha! !!
      With comments like that I may need to put on my ” millionaire face” by Saturday!
      I usually work on Saturday with my down trodden buddy Phil but I try to make it fun.
      My friend Jeff always jokes how I am making all that overtime which is hilarious or just plain stupid since I am self-employed.
      Changing the subject I see you left a comment at my daughter’s site.
      Jacsprat is my daughter :).

  4. Wow, you have a poetess daughter–way cool!


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