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as a flower


Fall into a flower as a flower
Soft,aromatic, wavy in the wind
Pass the days for what they are
Sun and moon
Rain and sun
And when the wind has stopped
You will hear the turning of the earth
Rest gently in a flower as a flower

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  1. I really want to try this. 🙂 I have one white petunia hanging on outside too.
    Thank you!

  2. Don’t jump, Hero!!

    Are you ever going to tell us about the art work? I’m so fascinated by it, and the way you marry the drawings to the poetry. Kind of an earthy genius, no? Yeah, I’m a big fan.

    This is off the subject, but I was wondering if you watch/listen to Joyce Meyer? Today she said that “we are anointed for ‘hard’ things”–I really like that (‘course, I’m enjoying smoother waters at the moment–but I’ll try to remember it for the next siege).

    Okay, I can’t reach the “Like” button again, still….

    • Never mind, it worked. I’m such a dweeb, so I should make notes for next time…

      • Caddo – I experience the same thing with the Like button, unless I’m logged into my own blog first. 🙂

    • I know who Joyce Meyer is but I havent ever really listened to her.
      I dont really listen to the radio much and I dont watch television, that is why.
      At home though I got an early Christmas present of Pandora 1 so now I listen to my
      customized “Scarlatti ” channel all day long and I love it.
      Glad you are currently sailing along smoothly.

      Oh dont make a fuss over the “art” .
      My wife usually poo poos it but she did like the flower!
      It is just finger painting via my phone. I usually just do it right after the poem but sometimes before.
      It doesnt take long but I do enjoy it. 🙂
      The whale thing was done on the PC using GIMP which is a free application that I play with sometimes. I learned about it from Summer’s blog.


      • Wow. I still think it’s “wow”! Finger painting on the phone sounds fun–I’ll have to ask “Oliver” about that.

        Sorry about the “fuss”–guess I still have enough “childlike” something, that I’m easily impressed (Did that sound like a back-handed, or left-handed compliment? It’s not how I meant it. I meant that I’m impressed, whether you’re doing the art on an easel or your phone, whatever. It still looks very original, and earthy genius.

        I’ve no idea what Pandora 1 or Scarlatti are, but I’m very glad you’re enjoying yourself.

        I don’t do radio–and you know my TV habits: westerns, Bible teachers, and true-crime docs.

        See you manana–sleep peacefully; no more exhausting dreams.

      • Oh don’t mind me.
        I like the fuss but seriously I don’t put much into it most of the time.

        I went bed at 6pm cause I was beat and now I am up at 2am .
        Last night I dreamed about a killer math test. My son had been talking about his math test.
        Empathy will kill you ha ha.

        Thank you
        And one day I will learn to take a compliment 🙂

  3. This is most lovely – and comforting somehow….

  4. This poem reminds me of one time when I spent about 20 minutes meditating on a common roadside orange day lily. I came to know every millimeter of that flower & it is forever etched in my mind. It seems like the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen, because I got to know it.


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