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Songs within

Whales send their song from my briny brain down the medulla oblongata
they echo up and down the hollow of my spine

You ask
what is wrong?
Why this forlorn look inside my eyes?

Someone drops a glass
The room grows silent
In the second before the chatter resumes
You hear the sad song within me
I hear the sad song within you
Something large is surfacing
Leaving us in its wake


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  1. Something large is surfacing…..hmmmmm yes!

  2. and I know about sad songs….

  3. Lovely–I do feel the connection, Hero. Great work.

    PS: Either you fixed the “like” situation–or I figured out the trick (for today, anyway…) Catch you later!

  4. This is kind of sad but beautiful! Thank you!

  5. Lovely piece dude – whales are such astounding creatures!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the visit and comment – I hope the teenage bastards that killed the old lady get some serious time!!!

    God Bless!


  6. If it is so that everything is happening exactly the way it is supposed to be happening then not one of us is ever left behind.

    It is relatively easy for me to believe this intellectually; hard won to know this in this heart. To live it – like walking on the razor’s edge (thank you Occam, wherever you are), until I see there is no razor.

    It’s only recently that I saw in myself that tendency to ask, “What’s wrong?” I come by it honestly, a generational inheritance. With that the seeing that I’ve carried myself as if I was wrong – damaged, less than, etc. – and this rippled out, of course.

    What gifts to know that we are okay, even more than okay, maybe awesome, even. The counsel of a kind friend comes back to me today: to remember that there are no cat skeletons up in the trees …

    Thank you for your poetry, Where. Your words are gifts that help me process and learn


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