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Giant squid of the sky


On clear nights when all the stars of his outline are in view the giant squid swims down through the darkness and right up to your window. His eye takes up the entire pane.
As he watches you sleep his tentacles wrap lightly around the telephone pole and the Oak tree out back. He stretches them out all the way around your house, never really making contact excepting brief little brushes, just long enough to make you wonder about his intentions.
In the Summer he takes out the screen and runs three tentacles around your bed. He gently brushes your face but you only turn your head and smile like a child ,still deeply sleeping.Β  At this time if he were to be attacked with a spear or an arrow from those jealous heroes in the sky he would surely crush you to death and smash your house. There will be no such misfortune . The forgotten championsΒ  just stand up there night after night fuming over the freedom of the giant squid. Their jealous rage is the source of the Northern Lights .
And so you rest wonderfully in your ignorance.


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  1. Never heard of this one before.

    Is he ill?

    I could use Sick Squid (Six Quid)… LoL!!!

  2. Oh, this is mah-vel-ous. First, I was scared–squid monsters frighten all ages–than it got good, and gooder. I love the part about “jealous rage” being the “source of the Northern Lights”. Wow, you’re particularly incredible with the sky descriptives thing–maybe you have better skies in NC. Or maybe I’m just not out at night…

    • Thanks so much.
      Once when my mom was little they saw something like the Northern Lights here.
      At that time there was a tenant farmer named Rainey and his wife Sally living here.
      When Rainey say it he said,”come on Sally we gotta go, the sky done busted.” .

      My dad used to take me for walks at night in the dead of Winter.
      Even though we lived in town the sky was still pretty cool.
      I don’t think there has been anything better than that since.

      • Pretty nice for you to have those memories, I’d say. (I have to make mine up–but don’t cry for me, Mukilteo–I rather enjoy it.)

        This is off the subject, but I’m having a heck of a time doing the “Like” button–it’s too far left of my screen, and I can’t scroll any farther. Am I the only Dweeb??? And can you make it more accessible–or do you just want to assume that I “Like” everything, which would work fine for me…

        God bless you Big-time!

        “Mukilteo” – good camping ground ?

        I reckon that the like button is at the top of your screen and the
        problem you have is something to do with a setting on your computer.
        See Oliver or Jeff for details … if you dare πŸ™‚

  3. The authority
    Of the Poet’s heart is the
    Axis of the Earth

    Beautiful, Where. And smiling.

  4. I love how this is so gentle even with something so big and a little frightening. And I love the reply about your dad taking you out to look at the sky. I’m so glad he did, hero.

  5. Comforting in a weird sort of way


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