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Suddenly beautiful

The beautiful things fall out of the sky
They meet on the lawn on a sunny Thursday morning
Something disturbs their gathering
Under foot the earth vibrates
It is the ugly things clawing their way up to the sunlight
A table is spread
The ugly things are given large wetnaps
The ugly things sing a song to celebrate the day
It’s a ragged sound but suddenly beautiful
The beautiful things get everyone to hold hands
Inexplicably they all say the same prayer at the same time
the wind stops
the birds quit singing
In a quiet way every beautiful thing and every ugly thing says

Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Where.

  2. Hmmm. Not sure how much to read into this–but it’s good, of course, and resonates–so subconsciously, I must be reading it close to “right”. I always like your work, even when I’m trying to figure it out, hours later–but surely that’s high praise. And maybe I’m a little biased by now, too.

    Slap me, if I’m being intrusive, but–seems there’s a 5-hour time difference ‘tween you & the Pac NW–so where, in a vague maintain-your-privacy way, are you? (I failed geography, even though I had a gigantic crush on my teacher, the ice-blue-eyed quick-tempered Mr. A.)

    • Thanks for smokin’ it over.
      North Carolina all my life!

      • OH! You don’t know how exciting this is! My “liitle Brian” Canter is from Randleman, and he hangs out all the time at Jerome & Tiffany Davis’s ranch (but I forgot where that is, nearby surely)–you may not know these folks, they’re from the PBR (bull riding community).

        And yes, this is the way Flavia talks, so you know where I get it!!

        So, if you didn’t get it before, you now understand the comment I left you recently re keeping your hand in the rope till you hear the 8-second whistle.

        Okay, I’m speeding on too-little sleep, but–are you going to drive me crazy again, wondering what “smokin’ it over” means??? Smokey Mountains? I’m serious–I barely know my way out of my own neighborhood… (If I’m now driving you ’round Dead Man’s Curve, I’ll stop–maybe it’s not too early for a wine spritzer–the turkey’s lookin’ GOOD!)

      • Smokin it over is just considering something.
        Think Indians and peace pipe or me out back with a cigar šŸ™‚

        We are on the way to feast #2 .

      • Thanks for the clarification–I now have this picture of Pooh smoking a cigar, while imparting wisdom–love it.

        I am now doing dinner #2, which I didn’t know would happen–it’s a Thanksgiving miracle!! “Oliver & Flavia” smoked the peace pipe this afternoon & are now “communicating” again–yeah!! PTL! (This means I’ll have more, or better, episodes to write–whew!)

        (Dinner #1 lasted 24 minutes–surely that’s a record. I may have to “blog” about it…truly pathetic. Oh well, maybe I can carve it into a half-decent poem….or haiku.)

  3. Hi Leslie! šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the visit and comment! šŸ™‚

    Yep: Gregorian are a great bunch of singers, but getting their CD’s is a pain – beware of rip-off merchants who charge over Ā£30 for their CD’s – you can get them for Ā£8 and less here in the UK!!!

    God Bless!


  4. Being a mole people, I’m one of the ugly things that needs a wet nap. šŸ™‚ But, it’s beautiful up in the sun! Thankful!

    • Just a crazy thang!
      I know a lot of folks have to be around undesirable family members at the holidays so maybe that’s what I was getting at.
      I have to tell you about my brother
      (This is long)
      My brother only left home for college. Other than that he has always lived with my parents and now its just mom and he.
      The other day he announced he had bought a cell phone,was going to a tennis tournament and was retiring (really quitting ) his job.
      At the Thanksgiving meal I poked fun at him and told everyone I had asked him”have you met a woman”
      My other brother says “that retiring part doesn’t go with the woman part”
      To which I reply
      “What if its a rich woman that wants to boss him around all day”
      He points to mom and says
      “I already have one of those “.

      I am very thankful for my family and especially my dear brother who treats my mother so very good.

      • I love that story . . .and I’m thankful too, that he is there for your mom. My oldest brother does a lot for our mom and I’m thankful too! šŸ™‚

      • I do some estate work.
        You really see the bad side of families.
        It’s better to get along if it wont make you starve to death. šŸ™‚
        A good brother is hard to beat.

  5. Well, life’s funny, even if families aren’t always so. I’d have sooner starved to death than keep trying to kill myself. Not surprisingly, I was summarily disinherited when my mother passed–however, this year my dear friend “mumsy” left me a nice gift which I’ll receive next spring when the probate issues settle. I miss her terribly and would rather have her, than a check– however, she’d be pleased that I’ve earmarked it for necessary things.

    Yes, the bad side of families, i.e. greed–my half-sister was determined to have everything including the dryer lint. But honestly, I feel so sorry for her–she’s been trying to fill up an empty heart with money and whatever it buys all her life… Since I’ve never been materialistic, it’s hard to relate. I feel “way” rich in things that count (intangibles), though my income is such that if I revealed it, my wordpress friends would be sending me charitable donations!

    (And then I’d cook and bake in a frenzy, and invite everyone over to eat, talk, laugh!!!)


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