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Gray shades



I spend a lifetime in shades of gray
By default
Easily ignored like the static of TV
Passing through keyholes as cigar smoke
Falling like fog on the gravestone of my brother
Fighting my own  civil war inside a hurricane
I flow down  concrete and into mountainsides
Where lichens grow on the north side of trees and fenceswifts bob up and down on the sunnyside


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  1. This is really great, & beautiful–makes me weepy to the max. God bless you in His rich abundance today!

    (My comment on “Aftanine” didn’t post–so of course, I defaulted to worry that I’d been kicked out of the fam. The holidays escalate & exacerbate craziness.)

    • that default will get you everytime 🙂
      I am sorry the holidays are not good for you.
      I have been very fortunate but I know it is a tough time for a lot of folks.

      blessings to you too!!!

      • Hey, if I sounded too much the drama queen about holidays, take it with 2 grains of aspirin (er, salt). No need to be sorry for me–I’m a stubbornly tenacious “over-comer”! Now, if my turkey will just do me the favor of thawing…I’ll be in business.

      • Oh no I dont think you are a drama queen at all , just a royal woman that has a good heart and is a handful . ha ha
        Best of luck with the turkey and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Well done – I love this!

  3. Already I can see you have a unique voice and that I’m going to enjoy the words and pictures I find here!

    ‘I spend a lifetime in shades of gray
    By default’

    Love those lines! And I can certainly relate to them and the entire poem. That last line is exquisite and turns any cynicism on its head.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a little of what you saw. I’m very glad to be directed to yours. I will be back!

  4. This is such a cool shade of poem. 🙂 I loved the ending too! Thank you!


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