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the busyness of flies
sticks to my brain
like the heavy dust on top of the refrigerator
it insulates this kimchi of things undone
that leaches into my bones
and waxes up my ears
to mute the song of simpicity
plucked out on the strings of my heart


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. dear Kimchi I do love you and apologize for associating you with stress.

  2. I know of several people undergoing stress right now and this is just perfect! Thank you!

  3. Okay, here’s my “laughable” stress issue: I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award–however, I don’t know how many subscriber/followers you currently have. Let me know if you’re under 200, then I’ll proceed. Seriously, this award stuff has me stressin’ bad enough that I may have to fold my tent & hide–& yes, I know how pathetic I sound.

    • I had a blog before and it was then I decided that for me that award stuff was a bunch of busyness and clutter and I turned into Pooh bear and just said “oh bother “.
      Since then I have added “stuff and nonsense” to the fray.
      I hope this will not offend you in anyway.
      Friends can be honest???
      Please don’t ever let me be anything other than a silly ole bear.

      • And yes it made me want to fold my tent and hide too, so I completely understand.

      • Heck, no! I’m not offended. Your words would have been worth getting out of my wrestling bed between one & two–I might have gotten some actual rest before starting my prep work for T-Day.

        Thanks for calming me down with your wise perspective. (Frank tried to give me similar advice, but I was flying around & not listening well.)

        Pooh Bear, the Hero–hmmm, hadn’t thought that before…..

  4. I identify—all the things that need doing –the responsibilities; they take the simple joy away . I just wish I could draw & paint & enjoy nature all day.


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