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Perro del negro


I would like to use my “get out if jail free pass for this bit of negativity.
Thanks for that.

Perro del negro

The black dog lives in nervous laughter
He circles the edges of euphoria
With a distant howling
Sing in the rain with all your heart
Every breath will taste of his wet fur
It’s not so much an “if then” formula
Just a lifetime of lingering
In the shadows of every good thing

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. You are allowed! 🙂 And I loved that ending. Thank you!

  2. Aah Radio! 🙂

    Where else can you float a 600 tonne strawberry ice cream sundae complete with giant Marachino Cherry down the river Thames???

    God Bless my friend! 🙂


  3. It took the night but this morning I’m thinking that maybe there really are “get-out-of-these-barred-places” free cards for each of us when we’re there. I need to be in play though, don’t I?

  4. First, I really like the “get out of jail free card” concept–think I’ll start applying that in my everyday life (particularly during the “holiday”-hah season)–so, Huge Thank You for that!

    Second, I like this because I “get it”, of course (relate to & appreciate you). I confess my fear that I’d turned “stupid overnight”–since I totally blanked on 2 more recent works of yours (& was too proud to ask for assistance…)

    Have as excellent a day as you can in the brambles!

    Your surely-much-older perro-negro sister

    • you make me smile.
      I was sure you would relate to this one .

      dont ever mull over my the meanings of what you see here.
      many times this stuff is written as I am in and out of sleep or just off the top
      of my bald head.
      of course i would always enjoy questions and be certain i will be careful to keep the dunce cap in my corner 🙂

      oh to be in the brambles!
      i love to work outside but recently i have been stumbing over gullies on clear cut land.
      it is like the moon with ragged debris everywhere .

      tedious changes to maps today 😦

      thank you so much and please- take a card or two 🙂


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