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  1. Hi Dude! 🙂

    Yeah I FINALLY got my meds – after 8 days from when I SHOULD have got them – and I’ve had a dose and slept for a few hours so I feel better, but back to feeling hungry all the time…

    Unfortunately the pharmacy have no idea of how vital Olanzapine is to somebody with a mental illness, or what can happen without them.

    Fortunately I had Zopiclone so I was able to snatch a few hours and use it as a tranquilliser – not what it was intended for! 🙂

    Now I have enough Zopiclone and Cuprophen to open my own pharmacy! LoL!!!

    God Bless my friend!


    • Great news!!!
      I am glad you got through it okay.
      Your plight was a topic of conversation around here and was mentioned in my prayers.
      My son said “yeah I know who you are talkin’ about, the off to the races guy”. The high price of fame :).
      Thanks for letting me know.

      • Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers! 🙂

        Debbie prayed for me and kept me talking so I didn’t slide off the deep end and my sister in Christ Janice also prayed for me and offered to help in any way she could!

        Even my Pastor’s wife said a prayer for me which was wonderful! 🙂

        I guess that means I have to go to church Sunday!!! LoL!!!

        God Bless my friend!


  2. We had a large insect on the hood of our car. Took it for a drive today. He hunkered down and hung on. 🙂 My daughter loves bugs. . .

    • It is great fun to watch them.
      A lot of the movements and shapes of monsters in movies are based on insects.
      I bet she enjoyed that hitchhiker!
      You know some people spend big money and travel everywhere in search of the simple pleasures you enjoy with your daughter.
      I know it must be hard but I know you find pleasure I your work.
      You always seem to make and find a bright spot with the Lord’s help.

      • Hero . . .what a beautiful reply to me. Now I’m going to cry. You minister to me in a special way. Thank you. The simpleness of our lives and the blessing that is, is something I’m so thankful for. Sometimes I feel silly in this world . . .don’t know things that most people do, don’t do things that most people do. But He’s with us and it makes it all sweet. 🙂

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