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a shine for time


I never turn my back on yesterday
I just turn around
Spin me dizzy, spin me crazy
Full of ancient thoughts and sounds

Salted and peppered, akin to Lot’s wife
I shake my seasons down
Not for nostalgia or oppression
Just to spin me round

I’m a cartwheel ,a ferriswheel
A clock unwinding time
Rolling down a sundial’s edge
Into a full moon’s shine


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. “I shake my seasons down” . . .I like that thought! I want to get the most out of them I can. Shine on . . .

  2. Incredibly good, as usual. Love the reference to Lot’s wife (best to keep your eyes forward, & not be tempted to glance behind). God bless you!

  3. the circle of time – we’ll never get off that ferriswheel, we’ll just be a little more cured


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