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paint my sails

paint my sail
so that she might fade beautifully
as the hands of time caress her
so that the new looks to the old
the sun to be ,the wind that was
paint my sails


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  1. Thank you for this … and for the discovery of Scott Macdonald (Painted Sails)

    • I will look at that this evening.
      I picked up “painted sails” from Donovan’s “Atlantis ”

      Hail Atlantis!!! Ha ha

      • Thanks for the smiles … only Donovan could manage “My antediluvian baby.”

        And now I’m laughing, another remember when, courtesy Donovan (Mellow Yellow), every other word was “mellow,” and the young man who was the first (& only?) to call me that, then promptly stole my Take Five Dave Brubeck album.

        Hail Atlantis, Where 🙂

  2. Oh, I like this–makes me sigh…

  3. I know you say you just write silly stuff, but you mostly write the most beautiful things and I’m just so glad that you write. 🙂

  4. yeah no fear for aging and death
    cos we are caressed by time
    love that idea and expression

    • thanks Summer!

      for some reason your comment makes me think of a quote from a favorite children’s book
      (Ahmed’s secret)

      {{{ I could not do it, and I was ashamed. “Hurry to grow strong, Ahmed,”
      “Hurry to grow strong,” he said again. “But do not hurry to grow old. … }}}

  5. I really like the line, ” the sun to be, the wind that was”.


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