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Level on the earth


I sent my emotive off on a rocket
After an early breakfast
There was still a bit of curry and egg on my face as I walked back inside
I watched it burn its way out into space
From the big window in the living room
I was ready for a level day
But I wasn’t happy about it


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  1. I’m awake & reading & just enjoyed a great laugh. Thank you. 🙂

    P.S. Emotives on a Rocket – I think you should patent this.

    • There is some kind of mental drug that kills emotion.
      There was this idiot I used to work with who became incensed because he couldn’t make his girlfriend mad when she was on it.

      I just wanted to write something about a rocket.
      Who knew I would end up at Emory ? 🙂

      • Sounds like a powerful med, whose side-effects include the clever ability to anger others by allowing the patient to remain … patient

  2. P.P.S. I have to share this – earlier, when I went to type “Emotives on a Rocket” my application wanted to replace it with “Emory Ed.” intrigued, I looked up Emory Ed and stumbled upon this sweet, sweet video “Alice Walker at Emory.” Worth th couple of minutes.

  3. Laughing and also amazed at where this all goes. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. a level day?

    rockets don’t come back…
    they are designed to be one way…
    that’s what i thought abt rockets.

    • a level headed day not full of wild emotions

      the emotions fall back to earth and land in the ocean like astronauts .
      i swim out to greet them.
      anger comes out first and gives me the finger ( he is mad because i sent him away but he gets wet and cools off)
      next compassion swims over and gives me a hug and we almost drown.
      soon they all swim back to shore and we begin another unlevel day 🙂


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