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Everyday needs a razor (Monday looming)


Every day needs a razor

The razor was enough to shave the edges off the day
But there were traces of blood speckling
the corners of buildings and sprinkled across various itineraries
Evidence of what could have been


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  1. If you don’t take a razor to the day its sharp edges will cut you.
    The day has more blood, so this is fair.

  2. Do you have a favorite razor, or will any kind do for this? I never would’ve thought of shaving the edges off . . .love it! Thank you!

  3. what are the edges of the day?

    abt razors: to tell you the truth, i am really a bad person. to prevent my tub from been clogged, i shave myself at school’s gym. i guess they have people to unclog things. i am really bad.

    have you thought of being a play writer?

    • the edges of the day are the things it holds for you which rake your nerves.
      I had to go before the city council the other night concerning my work – that day had an edge.

      I imagine that the schools gym has big drain pipes and that this presents no problem for the workers there.
      you should imagine this too 🙂 ha ha

      everyone is a play writer 🙂

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