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My country song



My country song is smoky
But not ashtray
My country song has taillights near the end
But no innuendo
My country song is still looking for a steel guitar
But not a harpsichord
My country song has holes in its denim
But no patches
My country song has cold fingers
But no wind

Everyone sings it when they see a cow or eat corn on the cob or use a shovel
People ask them, “what’s that your humming?”
“My country song.”

Ain’t dat wrye boh!


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Ah, this is pure. Love it. And that picture of the opossum? Too cute!!! Thank you!

  2. country song… take me home… to the … virginia…
    concrete road… take me home… to the …
    concrete song… take me home…

    o gee… sorry i was just being crazy

    u have a hat like dat? cute

    • Concrete song
      The concrete song
      Bridges and buildings
      For the happy throngs
      Bright notes hanging
      From horizontal rebar
      Holding up the parking cars
      Concrete song
      Sing- a- long
      Cause Summer’s here again
      Be as silly as you want
      My crazy blogging friend

      i never wear that hat 🙂


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