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The princess cakes


Princess Marci was the product of a long line of inbreeding.  She was insanely beautiful and her eyes were full of
wonder for the simplest things .
They were backlit by what seemed to be the pure light of love. Early in her childhood it became clear that she was to be, forever a free spirit. So she roamed around the courtyard and slept in the shade of trees. Marcie always had something pleasant to say and all the servants loved her.

One cold afternoon she climbed the castle wall and sat down to observe a world she had never seen before.
The people in it looked so hungry.

For the next twenty years she did the same thing every day. She rose up at dawn and went to the kitchen. Her long hair was pulled back by Ornda who made the sheets of pasta each night.
Ornda always placed a little sea shell in Marci’s hair. It was the only thing of value that she owned.
After the hair business Marci would begin her days work and Ornda would rest in the loft by the window.
The princess would poke holes in eggs and blow their insides over the sheets of pasta . As the sun began to set Ornda would climb down and the Princess would smile as if this was the first time she ever did the thing. “Dearest Ornda,
please bake these and give them to the poor.”  On holidays,”Dearest Ornda, please put powdered sugar on these and give them to the crippled children of the kingdom.”

Ornda’s husband was a good and honest soul. He traveled all around with the “princess cakes ” , always careful to praise the princess and spread goodwill.
His brother had tried to get him to sell the cakes and although he did eat freely from the stash each day,after all he was poor wasn’t he, he had looked into the eyes of the princess once and was under a spell of purity and goodness.

One evening as the princess walked back to the castle a large mob crashed through the gate and a revolution began to unfold. She noticed that the mob parted to let Ornda’s husband out with his horse and cart and that he pointed straight at her. Immediately a horse and rider snatched her up and took her outside the walls. They came to rest deep in a forest glade where the rider introduced himself as Sully, her humble servant.
The princess was very troubled but when Sully told her that she would be able to make the “princess cakes” in the morning she smiled contentedly and laid down on a soft bed of moss.

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  1. Well, that’s the kind of “insanely beautiful” dedication I would like to emulate, if I could .. somehow

  2. You made my day! 🙂 This is much better than a NaNovWriMo stress produced story. 😉 Insanely wonderful!

    • Your crazy ha ha you know it’s a joke.
      Thanks for liking my story!

    • NaNoWriMo … I “announced” to my fan recently that I had signed up once again this year. Not entirely true. I haven’t officially signed on, but I’ve made a commitment to myself to be in my studio for the daylight hours each day for the month. I will be asking a carbon friend to accept my daily check in calls so I am accountable to another human being. 🙂 NaNoWriMo is one of those life-changing events, to be done at least once, for me at least. Peace 🙂

  3. all this nano nano makes me think your carbon friend’s name must be mork or mindy 🙂

    i am glad that you are doing all that


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