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i found them shining


I found them shining by the river
Their warm glow brightened my countenance
But I had a pull inside
– harp strings that reached from my mind to my heart being plucked by an elfish woman
and in time I knew what must become of them
I was crying when I threw them in
But was comforted when the strings melted and the elfin lady flew out of my mouth and landed on the large bubbles
protruding from the surface of the river
She waved good bye as they and she burst into the flow

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  1. Thank you, hero, for sharing these with us!

    • But what were those things I threw in the river?
      I really don’t have a clue

      • Roe? As in roe, roe, roe, your boat…?

        Years ago, while living on a property with a huge number of trees that needed rehab, I was walking with the silviculturalist (sp?) in a large stand of pine. He was very excited for he had found the scat of owls that were relatively rare. He explained to me that generally speaking with owls, shy, nocturnal, private, one could only identify their type by their droppings. He found them to be beautiful, rich, full of information. His words changed me in ways I didn’t know or understand at the time. Indeed, it would be years before I finally came to know the call of the magnificent owl as it hunted in the fields at night; how he soared in my mind’s eye and kept me company in the darker dreams.

  2. yes, little roe clutching locking oars with tiny fins almost poking through the thin membrane
    of their transparent world.
    just like me or not,those roe
    thanks for giving those bright things a smile and a name

    • It just occurred to me that they could be Nilla wafers dipped in green jello from Poland, like the kind used to make the base of a cheesecake (the first ever) recently in my kitchen.

      • I love cheese cake! Never made it ate homemade though.
        My friend and I got in trouble for devouring one while working in a restaurant. It’s really not that bad getting cussed out in Greek. šŸ™‚

      • An accountant who used to help me out is Greek. First time I was at his (home) office, he had to excuse himself to take a call, one that I couldn’t help but overhear (in Greek). After he rang off, he came back and took one look at my face and laughed and said, “You thought I was arguing, didn’t you?” And I did! He laughed some more and said, actually I was talking with my cousin about the annual barbecue we have and arranging for the sheep (that they roast). He said, everything sounds like arguing in Greek. šŸ™‚

        Maybe you weren’t getting cussed out after all.

      • Maybe but there was a policy change concerning food consumption after we ate up about 20 dollars worth of 1979 money.
        This man spoke no English so you had to read body language.
        His body language was explosive.

        I like your story and I believe that all Greeks keep their emotive rockets in their back pockets šŸ™‚

      • No (more) cheesecake for you.

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