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empty skies of night

Empty skies of night

I find balloons on the ground

Miles from their happy point of origin

At night my fingers grow out the window

Picking up all the dead balloons of the world

All day long I bury balloons

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary

I love you




Lots of ribbons


In a large hole in my backyard

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Happy Balloon Burying Day! 🙂 Hey, they have to go somewhere, right? We had a kitty that llloooovvvveeeedddd balloons. He would hunt them down even if we tried to hide them and pop them. Have you seen any balloons with teeth marks in them lately? 😉

    • No, I find those big silver ones on high places a lot. Something about air currents I reckon. You usually find a group.
      Really I just leave them laying

    • I am surprised that the kitty would not be scared of the explosion but I guess that was a part of the thrill of the hunt 🙂

      • I know! Me too. He would go for them even if they weren’t aired up too. My oldest had made this kind of therapy ball in girl scouts, putting flour inside a balloon. It was in her room, on her dresser upstairs. He went up there, grabbed it, carried it down to the living room, and then down another flight of stairs to the basement. There was no stopping him and he did not want to give it up. He left this trail of flour after him . . .Oldest daughter was not thrilled. haha!

      • That is crazy.
        You know a balloon looks like an
        internal organ but it sure doesn’t smell like one.
        Funny story, thanks fir sharing it.

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