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your poem

Your poem

It’s a fine line

Turning on a dime

Of nuance and nuisance

Both horrific and sublime

It’s a bold stroke

Speaking old jokes

Of broken molds

In the muck of the moat

It’s a ballad by Roxette

It’s electrified blues

It can be what you want it to

Whatever you chose

Fold it into an airplane

Tape it to your windowpane

Write it in your head

You’ll never be the same


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Do you ever wonder if poets, ahead of incarnation, deliberately chose?

  2. I loved the ending! so this is why I write . . . Thank you!

  3. As the say, “Just write”

  4. that fine line of nuance and nuisance!

  5. I’m glad it’s Debbie’s … I dislike my tendency of thinking every last thing on this big, blue ball is about me. 🙂 Go, Debbie!


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