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Simpleton of the heart


The simpleton that lives in my head
Knows that everything can be broken down to 1 or 0
He has a surplus of time set aside to laugh at the confusion of the philosopher who stumbles around the edges of the dark gullies there

The simpleton that lives in my heart
Cries all day for the pain of the world
He thinks the 1s are spears and the 0s are bottomless pits of doom

The simpleton in my head says
“It’s a sky blue sky”
The simpleton in my heart says(between deep breaths)
“Yes …it is”

They decide to share the coffee
They talk of trading places
But they know it’s not that simple


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. You know I like simple . . .and I like this! 🙂 Thank you!

    p.s. do you try to do the National Novel Writing Month? Or the poetry one with prompts at Poetic Asides, that you can submit as a chapbook? You could so do it!!!! Just sayin’.

  2. I like this poem a lot. Having lived the “simple life” for many years I know it is complexity in disguise and that it is different from living simply. I like the dialogue you set up between the mind and the heart. And the irony in that last line is so perfect. Put simply, this is really a good poem.

  3. Ahh, this is so so good, my friend!


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