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In the heart of winter


In the heart of winter

I’ll bring you a grab bag
Of frost and snow
I’ll bring you a bowl of ice
with bits of fall leaves frozen within
I’ll lead you down a windy mountain
With your prizes in tow
Later ,in the valley,we can build a fire in the cold stillness of night
And you can hold up the ice I gave you in the light and turn it



We will find symbolism
We will hide stories in the heart of winter


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  1. Oh . . .I really loved this one! Not looking forward to winter, but you’ve helped me to think of the stories that may come out of it. 🙂

    • Winter is fine with me.
      And Autumn is awesome!
      Weather is not all that cold here usually its just a few days that I choose to stay by the fire.
      Winter is much preferred over Summer for my work.
      I do miss swimming in the pond though.

  2. Oh yes, I like this very much!

    • thanks Caddo
      glad for you to like it

      i was thinking of an old song
      ” and you want to take her with you to the heartland of the winter”

      only I found out that really it is “hard land of the winter”

      broke my cold little heart 🙂

  3. I heard myself the other day in conversation. Every other word seemed to be wow. And here, again, another one. I traveled from the left coast, nearly innocent still, and found a trip that included The Cream. Thank you for reminding me of the pieces. P.S. I think that lyrics, like poetry, are subjective. Heartland it is.

  4. I like this. Especially because one time I pulled a “plate ” of ice with leaves embedded in it out of the bird bath. I held it up to the sun & the light shown through the leaves like stained glass.


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