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Today is a long pipe


Today is a long pipe almost full of water.
You can swim through it with one gulp of air if you have total concentration and ignore people and things around you.
Your day is over when you reach the end of the pipe. Time speeds up and slows down based on your approach.
It is best to go at a slow speed and enjoy the swim with those around you.
If you approach the surface cautiously
you will not bump your head on the pipe and you can tread water and watch the people and things rushing by under you.
This is a good thing. It is important to do this by yourself and very special to surface with friends both new and old along the way. Sometimes you forget that time slows down for you. You are desperate and angry and out of air and you crash into the top of the pipe and hurt your head and suck in some today water. No one wants to be around you while you cough and swear. Sometimes a friend will comfort you in this but only if he is taking time and being aware of the things around him. It is better to be the friend. It is better to go at your pace and let time slow down for you.


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  1. Wow, how appropos! I drove home today, stressful day but not bad. Got within 2 miles of the house and because of a road blockage had to take a 15-20 mile detour…all the while the doggie is at home crossing his little Yorkie legs and whining I’m sure….almost crashed my head at the top of the pipe when I had to turn around! Whew. I evened out though, I do enjoy a nice drive on a cool day, so no harm done (Yorkie made it too bless his heart).

    B r e a t h e. 🙂 Excellent analogy, the pipe and the panic for air with a stressful life and the need for release. Nice!

  2. How wonderful to have time slow down for your own rhythms – a great feeling when that happens.

  3. You have inspired me, hero! Breathing in that last part . . .letting time slow down for me. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Wise words, if surreal images. It’s what I know and love about your words; they’re never anyone elses’s!

  5. Wise thoughts, & well-expressed.


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