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Stranger words that tease


These words of a stranger
Leave me with the taste of chocolate
Or an aftertaste of wanting
Wanting …..
Melted into cool ,thin words
Placed upon my tongue
             that should have been
Had I not been 
                       too early
                            Too late
                                 Too hungry

Warm chocolate syrup poured into my ear
                                  my consciousness
                  My jealousy
My                                                      fear


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. haha~ how can words taste like chocolate~ wonderful haha~~~

    the drawing was a little creepy haha~~~ reminding me of the upcoming halloween? what have you been dressing up these years? or you are not doing that any more? what have you been while you are young?

    • I really could taste the chocolate 🙂
      I put green eyes ( jealousy ) in the midst of the delicious chocolate words.

      I can’t really remember what I was for halloween as a kid. I remember that those cheap costumes and masks were incredibly hot.
      Once I was Frankenstein.
      —- HEY that sounds like a poem
      In my adult life I have only dressed up once.
      I was” the burning bush” from the Old Testament. I wore orange shirt and shoes and wrapped myself in plastic plants.

      • the burning bush sounds really cool~!!! haha~!!! sounds like a trouble maker haha~~~!!!
        i wanna be a mermaid in a tank ~~~ but apparently it’s not possible~!

        last year some grad student here wrapped himself w/ x’mas lights… so cool~~~! haha

  2. This is another powerful one to me . . .more serious. Is it just me? Thank you!


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