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immerse yourself in the sadness of a place
fall from drum beats
float away in the steamy sighs of mourners
in the memories of a thousand misty sunrises
A million grains of sand wiped away
from the corner of your eyes
To a place in the wind
Some stoic island
Threatened by dark clouds and cruise ships
Seek shelter in the basement of your mind
Immerse yourself in the sadness of this place


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  1. I take it that this post is related to the last. And I could be all wrong. In any case, it’s beautiful. Sheltering in the mind’s basement, the stoic island threatened by dark clouds and cruise ships. I wish I could memorize poetry.

  2. Yes! I was not upset or worried but I sure picked up on those vibes.
    Thanks for really getting it Monica!

  3. immerse ourselves in sadness
    and let heart drown drown and drown

    • Maybe our heart is thirsty?? 🙂

      • why do you say so? suddenly?

        i am actually a person that can be satisfied easily.

        when i woke up in the morning, opened up the fridge and found so many choices for breakfast. i felt nothing to worry indeed. all the worries came from longing for things that doesn’t belongs to me or things that are luxuries. i don’t need luxuries. and luxuries one day will come. i will just wait. : ) with delicious breakfast and sunshine on the face.

      • Summer

        Just joking in a way but maybe our heart needs to be sad sometimes but not to drown in sadness just to quench its thirst or cool off for a swim.

  4. I felt a noticeable “mental shift” as I read this; that’s what good , evocative poetry does!


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