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Universal liberation


Universal liberation

Lasso the moon with a daisy chain
Pull me into the stars
Find a ring on every planet
Let them glide right through
Cleansing me from every taint
Every wasted move

Hold a mirror up to the night
Whistle, dance and sing
Find a road into my heart
Some forgotten thing

Tell me in a whisper
Embellish till I die
Lick your finger
Test the wind
Don’t be afraid to try


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. What a gorgeous journey this would be!

  2. I wish I knew poetry speak better. This has such a special quality to it, like so many of yours do. Is it lyrical? It has lovely content and then moves along so wonderfully too. A joy to read! Thank you!

  3. I like your poem a lot, it has a strong sense of being adventurous.

  4. hahaha~!!! i love it~!!!

    i love whistling too~!!!
    but it seems that in america it’s not polite to whistle on the street?
    especially as a girl?

    but i just love whistling~!!!
    i remember when my dad hasn’t a car yet, when i was still in kindergarten, he rode a bike and i stood at the back seat holding his shoulder like a captain~! and he taught me whistling all the way to the school~~~~!!!!

    how can i ever forget the joy of whistling~!!!


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