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Destination root




Grass roots join in the core of the earth
They talk about their pains and joys in real time
The golf course kind brags on and on
“How green, how bright “
The old grass whispers to the humble lawn about how they come and go
And other wisdoms about making friends with moles and weeds

Deep in the night of the earth
When all things sleep
The humble grass contemplates the day when their root ball grows into the surface
When the ground cracks open
And the people of the world fall down onto the soft matt of roots, both ancient and new
What will become of the people
their world
The grass
the roots

In the morning of the earth
When all things travel and talk and make
confusion there is no way to contemplate these things
Because the golf course grass begins its manicure and starts its boasting all over again


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  1. You’ve taken us back to our roots! Thank you! And God bless your wonderful imagination!

  2. HERO! IT’S SUCH A WASTE THAT YOU ARE NOT MAJORING IN ART!!! you have great talents in developing your ideas!

    that’s true. grass is like rabbit fur for the earth. they shall be friendly to human. (although i usually don’t sit on grass on a skirt… but if on jeans i feel ok)

    in our previous university, they have this insane board saying ‘don’t tramp the grass’ on the lawn too… i guess the golf course is more reasonable to do that cuz i never saw any students sitting on that lawn of our university. the school did that only for a stupid competition to win the first place in the most beautiful university in the country. silly~ haha

    • Thanks!
      Maybe one day I will take some art classes.

      One spring when the moon was full I just took a sleeping bag outside and slept on the grass with a dog or two.

      What was the university that won the prize for punishing everyone?

  3. the way you use color is very dynamic and brave

    • There is this song by jimi Hendrix
      called “axis bold as love” .
      He describes different colors and then declares that they are all bold as love.
      I love the color wheel on my phone
      Thanks so much Summer

  4. I enjoyed this so much. Your poetry makes me FEEL what you are describing. Keep writing; it’s a blessing to all of us that you share your thoughts.

  5. i’ll listen to that song tmr~~~ thanks for sharing

    haha bringing dogs is a good idea… my rabbit was so warm to cuddle these cold days haha~

    Zhejiang University~


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