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We are conquered
Divided from our consciousness
& The daylight
& The changing seasons

We fund our own doom
We finance our own  oppression
Basking in the flickering light
With all the mind of a sunning turtle

Halos of gray static accent our sunken eyes dilating in tandem with the radiation
Can we stand ourselves
Is there anything we aren’t afraid of
                                               Jaded to
We are heavy spleens
We are so very thirsty
Our hunger is a dictate
                         A whim
                          A vapor

We don’t have a second thought to give


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. Interesting timing for me with this. Reminds me of Michael Brown’s paraphrasing of Buddha: ‘No one is coming to save us from ourselves.’ “No one can and no one may.” Plus, despite killing my TV a while ago, I still watch junk and too much of it at that.

    • We watch movies sometimes and my wife watches about 5 minutes of news each morning.
      Monk and Masterpiece Theater are exceptions.
      My mom has a tv in the kitchen ,the bedroom ,the den and she used to have one
      in the washer /dryer room. I learned to despise it growing up.

      No comment on my wasting time on the pc 🙂
      ++but you get to meet such interesting people ++ 🙂

  2. wow hero. This one is a strong poem!
    Our old tube tv died a few weeks ago. We went without for awhile and learned one can survive. 🙂


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