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The journey of the veil


Between dreams you find yourself
Kneeled down on a large black marble floor near the biggest wooden door in the world. This place is so quiet you can hear the friction of your finger as it traces the strange figures etched in the marble. As you move along the story they tell appears in your mind.
A princess with veils as long as a zebra stands on the bow ,facing the wind as a living figurehead. Her long black hair flows over and through the white veils trailing behind her. In time it becomes clear that she is alone on this ship, this ocean, this world you have found with your right index finger. You are compelled to keep on with your task if only to draw closer to her in this vast loneliness that you both feel. When you at last dare to look up to stretch your back and check the position of the sun you notice that the door is now barely visible . It is much colder and windier now but all of these changes are of little consequence to you . You pause long enough to ease your stiffness and return to her. Her hair is wet from the waves that are crashing onto the deck but the wind is so wild that her veils and hair still mingle and even begin to appear, vaguely,as a zebra running and even sometimes grazing. It becomes clear that the zebra is trying to make its way back to a place closer to the center.
The horizon is now  swelling with every shade of purple and between the crashing of the waves there is the sound of thunder.At this point the figures you are tracing fill with blood that pours from your finger as you press harder ,faster, closer to the princess.

Suddenly the ocean is calm. The wind seems to be sucked up into the sky ,even pulling and drying the veils and the now even longer black hair.  Gently they fall to the deck and drape over the edges of the bow. Immediately in front of the ship lies the end of the ocean ,the world, the dream. The princess smiles and waves to you across the precipice of her water and the marble that is sheered off before you. You are left with a glowing feeling as you stand on your edge waving back to her as tiny drops of blood fall down into the darkness below you.

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  1. I am reluctant to respond merely with a comment – this dream piece speaks to me and I would like to reply in kind. It seems the blood drops have fallen into my riverside livingroom; I awoke this morning to find small smudges and dots on two sofas there … and, while they may be from too rough a chew by my dog on a new toy, it’s just too odd for words. I love zebras though and like the thought of hair and veils and wind animating them. Thank you for your words

    • I am so glad you liked it .
      Maybe Dotty came back with a vial of blood?
      That is strange .
      In my room growing up there was a full size zebra on my wall.
      My dad painted it.
      It is still there and I think I will stare at it a while when I go visit today.

  2. In between dreams piece, I should say.

  3. You have such a wonderful gift . . .a gift of imagination. I love the way you put it to use! This one tugged me along . . I couldn’t stop. Thank you!

  4. Terrific write! I have bee reading through your work and found this to be one of my favorites so far. Your prose are full of imagination and unique symbolisms. As are some dreams. Enjoyed my visit. Keep writing… you have a gift.

    • You make me smile this morning.
      Thanks for looking through.
      This one was inspired by a scene(I didn’t see the movie) Mama Mia.
      Meryl Streep stands on the bow of a yacht with these incredible veils flowing in the wind.


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