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Round trip


You are on vacation
in your little white beach house
20,000 leagues under the sea
Drawing on stiff ,rough paper
With a hint of blue
Eels and giant squid lightly bump their heads on the big kitchen window
You always open it and give them frozen
You always say to yourself
—They don’t know what vacation is,
They just come to the light

On long days at work
In heavy traffic
You go deep
And smile


About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. I like that it’s a round trip. Very nice, altho sensing a theme here with the frozen shrimp. Am I? 🙂

  2. P.S. I like the illustration a lot.

  3. Loving the last stanza! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I like this trip. I will hope to dream of this post in my sleep tonight of being in a house in the bottom. The thing of it is, they may think of me as a pet.
    I really do adore this post.

    Deb xx


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