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Step lightly


Thousands of tiny golden stars pass through the earth on their way to


They pause for tea and apple slices in the core

Many people have been pierced by them
You have seen the lightness in their steps
The blood in their lips


Across the galaxy

Everyday more and more stars converge
Pushing——– minute pieces of earth and rock out into the atmosphere

This is space dust
This is our destiny

Step lightly


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  1. I like this very much.

  2. This may be a duplicate comment: I like this very much. Your drawing is wonderful, too.

  3. hero are you okay? you’ve been thinking of death a lot recently~~~ cocoon… stars…

    ah~~~i love that ‘they pause for tea and apple slices in the core’
    it was cute

    • Not Catherine Wheel, I had never heard of it.
      I do know what the Catherine Wheel is and I am familiar with the Twyla Tharp Broadway production with the same name.

      Mostly I read the Bible but I have been reading a new novel by Viv (Snuggles story)
      called “Away with the faeries”.

  4. The drawing is rather stunning! I like the lines about being pierced by them and seeing the lightness in their step. and the ending . . .love the ending/title. 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • My wife scrolled down to where it just looked like a plant and said ” I like this part of the drawing”.

      I dont know why I cant get rid of this notion of stars coming to earth.
      I havent seen a shooting star in a while.
      It is not hard to spot one but I havent been out at night much lately or not star gazing anyway. Maybe tonight 🙂

  5. Wow…this is so cool!! I like the last 3 lines, really powerful


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