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Stars decide


All the stars are coming to
Leaving from the earth

The ones that are coming listen to stories from the stars that are leaving as they pass in the sky

It is from these stories that the” coming to earth ” stars decide what they will be

It is very hard for them to discern what they hear as they only have the cold void of space and its dust to build upon

The less daring ones become mosquitoes or fruit flies so that they can hurry back into space

Many become doorknobs ,resistors and pork and beans and such just because they get nervous and confused as the earth looms closer – they make frantic decision just to settle the matter

Some of the cte stars become rocks and stones and mountains just to settle down into something mildly familiar

If you could rise up into the atmosphere you could hear them talk
You could help them
you could stop them from becoming ear wax or rust

They just keep coming
And they just keep going
and from
The earth

About wherearetheheros

just someone my mother might know

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  1. that was a beautiful way of interpreting birth and death. and i am happy that my star became a creature that can paint, walk, sing and have ice-cream… : )

  2. I loved the things that they could be . . .sometimes because they become nervous or confused. 🙂 Thank you for letting us know about the cte stars!

  3. Have to ask – what are cte stars?

  4. just me being lazy late in the night

    sorry about that

  5. What a fantastic concept! Your poetry tickles my brain; I like it very much!


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