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Only for a moment


Only for a moment

When I close my eyes its like a pool of oil lightly veiled with sparse television static

When I close my eyes
There are all shades of black
Coming into themselves
Making their way roughly to the middle
They are trying to be a circle in the center of this vision but they fade away before they are rounded
Their rough edges have a dark green tint at times
Sometimes deep dark blues explode on top of each other

They always fade to oil
Or television static
Because they are
in the eyes
of an American

riddle: where did the title come from?
Hint: Dorothy


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  1. Ooooo . . . good one! Got me this time. Wasn’t expecting that ending. Riddle . . .all I can think of is The Wizard of Oz.

    • I really do see that stuff.
      It struck me how I described it.
      People in times past or different parts of the world would not “see” it that way.
      I will wait on the riddle in case Leslie shows up, she might get it.
      ( that is right Dorothy but you have to make a couple Big jumps from there 😉 )

  2. I’m laughing. I’ve been ‘googling’ every search term and combination thereof to solve the riddle, and was all set to get back to it in earnest on my return home a little bit ago, only to discover the traces of some kind of critter gone wild inside my home while I was out today. I think it might be a squirrel named Dotty … and by all guesses I think she’s probably still here somewhere. I still would like to have one more go at the solution … if everyone doesn’t mind waiting on me. For now I’m closing the one door inside the house and sleeping behind it very very soon 🙂

  3. Aha – couldn’t sleep, one last ‘Google’ – Dust in the Wind by Kansas. You still unfolding, Where?

  4. Ah Leslie . . .you are a genius! 🙂 Good riddle, hero!

  5. …in the eyes of an American, period ? Or, another riddle?

    • Oh no not a riddle.
      Its just that is how I chose to describe the closed eyes experience because oil and television are so much of my culture.
      But I guess this whole blog is a riddle ,
      even to me 🙂

      thanks Leslie!


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