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No one will see me (baby squirrel )



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  1. Whoa . . .I almost didn’t see him/her! It reminds me of a baby squirrel that the girls and I raised. We were at the park and there it was, so tiny, and down on the ground. I told them don’t touch it . . .we have to leave it for it’s mom, etc. etc. Then it climbed onto my shoe and it was all over. We took it home with us and would play with it in the bathroom until it got too big and it’s little claws hurt too much as he used us like trees. He never bit us though. We returned him to the park where we found him with a ton of food that we spread around, once he was old enough. His name was Tum Tum and he loved blueberry muffins. 🙂

    • I heard him first, it took a few walks around the tree to find him.
      You are brave raising a squirrel.
      I used to work with a fellow whose girlfriend had a pet squirrel that hated him,it would jump on his head and chatter. It didn’t help that he had a topea 🙂

  2. haha… true… really hard to notice


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