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As the world weaves


The day I began to weave my cocoon
I felt a little lighter and less





the space between the tics of clocks
The foam that pops out a melody on wet and drying sand
The other side of leaves and the Sailormoon Stars

I began to relish the gentle turnings
And dull fades of distant light
The murmurings of the planet

I let the world take up its hands
From mountainsides and orangey plateaus
I let it finish


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  1. This poem speaks to me in a big way, although I’m hesitant to use the word big – I find I’m still recovering from the line “whale fat with nuance plankton.”

  2. wow~~~ and when you break up the cocoon in the future, you’ll be a butterfly
    butterfly hero

  3. Something so sweet about this and peaceful. Thank you poet friend! πŸ™‚

  4. Something comforting about the repetition of the weave

  5. Summer,

    I dont think so “corpse flower” , “flies” yuck but it was very interesting.

    I have eaten this kind of flower before in Costa Rica:
    edible flowers

    not my picture


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