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Dogs on earth


In the night dogs whirl around
       Flashing teeth
       Drawing blood
Dogs appear from out of the darkness
Dogs vanish, weightless

In the day dogs curl around
         Drooling on the porch
         Twitching paws
Dogs fall from the sun in streams of light
Dogs push footprints down into the earth


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. We just dog and cat sat again this weekend. ! Saw the drooling and twitching first hand. It’s the other part I didn’t know about!

    • Just watch the sun.

      Zoey’s(the collie) owner came back and got her because my cousin recognized her and told them.
      They live 8 miles away and had her for 12 years!
      I had her for 2 but I was glad to see her to get return to her real home.
      So I guess I had a long stint of dog setting!

      • Wow, that is pretty remarkable. Two years is a long time! Did she seem happy to see them, still know them? God bless you for taking her in and taking care of her all that time. 🙂 That’s what every owner hopes has happened when they can’t find their pet.

  2. Yes ,she was very happy to see them and then came up to me all guilty like ha ha.
    She woke their boys up just like she used to after she had been home a couple days.


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