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If I smell like sulfur its only because I sleep in a matchbox all day holding my arms at my side and squeezing my legs together
I dream of friction //of sparks// of a raw burst of orange energy
I can feel the heat expand inside my head
Ashes are melting on my tongue as a ghost moon fades into a moist blue background and tied dogs complete another endless circumference quest
Their frustration burns inside this dream
It makes me smell of sulfur

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just someone my mother might know

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  1. I loved “ashes are melting on my tongue”! Well . . .since it wasn’t actually my tongue. šŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing your awesome imagination with us!

  2. Thanks Debbie. Prayers are always most appreciated. I am in the middle of the state but my daughter is much further east at Campbell University.

  3. “Last night I went to bed as a child and in the morning awoke as a man. And in my hands I had the tools and the rage of my father. In my heart the love and the fears of my mother.” ~ from 1 Giant Leap. This is the morning thoughts about “Lack.” You continue to inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

    • hey, I watched that video the other day because you had mentioned 1GL.
      my son is seriously frustrated over some stuff at school.
      this was kinda for him so he wont catch the rage of his father ha ha

      thank you!

  4. hero you are expanding your art-ability into the sculpture space~~~ haha i love the way the poem explained the picture~~~! wishing your son ok at school haha~~~

    is that a demonstration of your rage? you are really a cute father~~~! my dad was boring. he never kept his promise. he always disappointed me. so did my mom.

    my mom likes to use a kind of sulfur soap once every month. she said it’s very anti-bacteria. not sure if people here in us would use that kind of stuff.

    • Not rage but frustration.

      Sorry to hear that about your parents. My mom is a saint,she spent a lifetime looking after .everyone but herself. That is about all she can do now as she is very old. My dad was a good man and always kept his promises.

      You will be surprised to learn that the guy who gives me eggplant puts sulfur in his bath water when he has sinus trouble. I have done it too!

      • OH-THE-EGGPLANT-GUY~!!! YES I do remember him. How is he going?

        sulfur on sinus? does that hurt? i only remember the smell while mom walks out the bath~~~ haha you two and my mom shall have a seminar on the issue of ‘how great sulfur is’~~~

        always so happy and warm to listen to the story from other kids about their family and their mom and dad cuz i never felt that way although i am knowing my mom is caring and loving me in a different way. when i listen to the stories of other happy family, i always feel so cozy and happy and so wishing to be part of it too~~~ but it’s theirs . not mine. anyway… going to sleep finally

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